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about-farmerDo You Know Where Your Food Comes From?
We Do!


The Pie Society takes the production of high quality food and wherever possible source from British suppliers. We make every possible effort to make sure we know where every product no horse meatcomes from and in a bid to improve our range of products we have recently partnered up with a farm in County Antrim who grows our own potatoes to produce the highest quality mash. These potatoes are not chosen for “showboats” for supermarkets, they use traditional old methods to produce the highest quality potatoes with the best possible flavour and this is why we have joined forces and made them our supplier for our mash and cold can products.

This enables us to completely track the life of the vegetables and potatoes we are using in our products, from when the seed is sown and before even to know where the seed potatoes have come from, to know the time span, the soil state and everything there is that can be possibly known about the production of these potatoes. We know! So we are very proud to have met Mash Direct, our partners.

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